Baseus Car Jump Starter 12000mAh 1000A Portable Emergency Jumpstarter Power Bank

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Product number: CRJS03-01

Barcode: 6953156229600

  • 1000A Peak Current, Jumpstart Immediately A car can be jump-started in a second when the battery is low because of the peak current up to 1000A and strong power. Explosion-proof cells with a high discharge rate are designed for a car jump start and can withstand the high inrush current when the car starts.
  • A Good Helper for Gasoline/Diesel Vehicles This jump starter is equipped with 4 strings of battery cells, providing strong power for large-displacement 12V 6.0L Gasoline and 12V 3.5L Diesel vehicles.
  • Jumpstart Vehicles Even at -20°C High discharge rate cells with smart power supply IC enable the jump starter to work normally in the low temperature. Built-in temperature protection resistance runs well in large temperature difference environments, without damage to components due to overvoltage and under-voltage.
  • Charge Once and Use 50 Times Fully charge the 12,000mAh high-capacity lithium polymer battery once for repeated use Tests indicate that the fully charged jump starter can jumpstart Toyota Crown Royal 3.0 with a naturally aspirated engine more than 50 times.
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Product Overview

  • Name:Baseus Super Energy Pro Car JumpStarter
  • Capacity: 2000mah/ 3.7V / 44.4wh
  • Rated output capacit : 7900mah
  • Input: 5V = 3A (Max)
  • Starting voltage: 12V
  • Starting current: 600A
  • Peak Current: 1000A
  • Suitable for: 12V 6.0L gasoline car /12V 3.5L diesel car
  • USB output: 5V = 2.4A (Max)
  • Type-c output: 5V = 3A
  • Support Quick Charge Technology:No