Baseus Mini Electric Car Holder Silver

Product number: SUHW01-0S

Barcode: 6953156212145

  • Intelligent electric drive device drives the arm guards on both sides to hold the mobile phone firmly.
  • The clamp arm is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy for stable clamping.
  • An elastic silicone pad is installed inside the clamp arm to protect the mobile phone from scratches.
  • The smart infrared sensor detects the approach of the mobile phone; the bracket automatically closes and locks the mobile phone.
  • Clamp when put on. When removed, touch the metal button on the top to open automatically. It can be operated with one hand without affecting driving.
  • Built-in solid capacitor, it can still be opened and closed twice when power is off.
  • The four corner grips keep the mobile phone dynamically balanced, easily cope with bumps on the road, do not block the viewing screen, and do not affect the finger operation.
  • Special air outlet clip, containing tooth-shaped silicone, does not hurt the air outlet, does not press the blade, and the mobile phone is stable and does not shake.
  • The universal swivel ball can be rotated 360 degrees, so that the phone can be fixed and used in accordance with your habits.
  • With telescoping spring structure, it can be quickly installed to the air outlet with one hand.
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