Baseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump Motorcycle Bicycle Tire Inflatable Digital Portable Electric Auto Pump

Product number: CRCQB03-01

Barcode: 6953156227323

  • Compact: As small as an adult's palm, easy to carry around.
  • Wireless inflation: It comes with
  • Multi-purpose not only can it inflate cars; also suitable for bicycles, electric cars, basketballs, etc
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Product Overview

  • Input voltage: DC 7.4V
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Current: 6A Max.
  • Power: 45W Max.
  • Pressure gauge range: 5-150PSl(display flashes when exceeding 150PSl; exceeding 150PSI may damage the sensor, support pressure up to 120PSI]
  • Operating environment temperature: -10℃~60℃
  • Charging time: 3h±0.5h
  • Battery pack: 18650 x 2, 2000mAh each

Baseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump

Mini, High-performance and Easy to Use

Mini Body / Tire pressure monitoring system digital display / Smart preset tire pressure / Wireless fast inflation